Frank van der Post

Hometown: Miami

Favorite Sports Team: Feyenoord

Where do you work most frequently—home, office, road? Office/Road 50/50

What impact could AI have on the industry’s future? Significant impact on how we work and what our networks and technology will contribute to make it work.

Biggest roadblock in fiber expansions? People and materials.

Pickleball or tennis? Tennis

Streaming app I use the most: Breezeline Stream TV

Favorite place you’ve ever visited? Too many to list, but Italy is at the top.

Biggest misconception about fixed wireless solutions? That 5G is better/faster than 1G.

Industry Top Priority for 2023: Create value.

How do you personally give back to your community? Local foodbank/MaW

My best ideas come when… I am traveling and on a plane.

Which website or app do you visit most when procrastinating? I don’t.

Last TV series watched: “The White Lotus”

What energy-efficient technology do you think the industry would most benefit from? Hydrogen fuel

Podcast, radio or audiobook? Radio.

Honored For: