Years in Cable: 23

Education: Princeton

It’s all about the last mile. At press time Charter was within a whisper of finalizing its $56 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable, a quest that’s kept Marcus and Jain staples in the business headlines for more than a year and no doubt will redefine the way consumers access television and the Internet in a new competitive landscape. Marcus, who’s sat atop the TWC empire for less than two years, has steered the company ably through a negotiations process that has defined his tenure thus far. Equally focused on the merger, while overseeing TWC operations, is Jain. The two have led the MSO through a performance turnaround that drew praise from Wall Street as TWC Maxx hits more markets.

Hoverboard, driverless car or drone: Ride a bike, save the world.

Favorite vacation spot: Vermont with my family

My Starbucks order: Coffee will never touch these lips.

What should cable do to improve its image? Be humble and all about the customer.

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