NBCUniversal Digital Arcade Game Experiences

NBCUniversal increased engagement with Cox and Comcast customers by creating a digital arcade experience featuring hit shows such as “Real Housewives” and “Chucky.” The month-long stunt games included menu placements on both Cox and Comcast platforms to enhance awareness of the games, which included trivia, “Spot the Difference” images games, personality quizzes and mazes. Launching these interactive games was a puzzle unto itself for the NBCU Content Distribution team, which had to overcome the additional IP approvals and processes for Chucky. It paid off. Chucky ranked in the top 5% in total game plays on Comcast’s X1 platform, and more than one-third of people who played the Chucky games on X1 went further into the show’s page on the platform. Cox’s platform generated 8.4K total game plays and a 24% click-through rate to Bravo series.

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