Davina Kent

Sponsor: Phil Hruska

Kent keeps making big waves at Ampersand, with her efforts helping to double revenue from brand direct partnerships from 2020 to 2021. She has forged close relationships with brands, recently steering a financial services client to embrace a multiscreen approach and add a geographic heavy-up to its national buy. This led to a 30% incremental reach in targeted households and a 28% boost to frequency to drive increased conversions. Kent says trust, proactive communications and value exchange are key to developing great partnerships. “I find it important to support our partners across everything they do. For example, if someone is suddenly laid off, use your resources to help them get a job. If a partner loses a big account, support them on new business pitches,” she says. “The bottom line is not just putting your priorities first but supporting your client fully.” Ampersand’s clients certainly have respect for her work. “Ampersand’s M.O. is driving incremental innovation and Davina Kent is the one leading the charge. Her rich history as a strategic integrator of technology and marketing has been invaluable in Honda’s ongoing evolution of our data architecture in driving cost efficiencies, in understanding the customer journey and accelerating true ROI,” says Phil Hruska, Media Department Head, Honda and Acura at American Honda Motor Company. Her supportive approach extends beyond her professional life. She and her 13-year-old daughter have a long-standing tradition of delivering supplies to local schools in far-flung places like Kenya, Nicaragua and Mexico. It started with a trip to Kenya with her daughter spending a month before hand breaking down all her Legos to donate. “My daughter sat with a group of kids and showed them how to play Legos. They had never seen them before and were very excited,” Kent says. “It was the highlight of our entire trip, but most importantly it left a lasting impression on my daughter. So now we prioritize giving back to the countries we visit as well as to our own community.”

 “As we move into the fourth year of our strategic partnership with Ampersand, it is both comforting and exciting to know that Davina will be there with her relentless push for innovation.”

– Phil Hruska

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