David Zaslav

Years in Industry: 30

Education: BS, SUNY Binghamton; JD, Boston University Law School

Motto I Live By: Always remember who you are…

My prediction for direct-to-consumer video is… the global Discovery/BBC natural history direct-to-consumer product is going to be the “big winner”… family-friendly content that will entertain, educate and inspire…

Best brand campaign you’ve seen lately? Google’s Beatles “Help” campaign

A skinny bundle can’t survive without… quality passion brands—Food, HGTV, ID, TLC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, OWN, Travel

Last show binged not on your networks: “The Kominsky Method”

Last linear content you watched live: golf, every weekend…

Subject you wish you’d studied at school and/or subject you studied and wish you hadn’t? “Game theory”… but I don’t need it… Lucky me, I’ve got the father/master of “game theory” on my team–John Malone.

Honored For: