Dan McDermott

McDermott’s plate has gone from full to heaping as he added oversight for WE tv, ALLBLK, HIDIVE and the company’s film group to his purview comprising linear nets and streaming services. It’s a bountiful harvest: In 2023, AMC and AMC+ were home to five of the top 15 cable dramas among A25-54, including two “Walking Dead” spinoffs that became the most-viewed premiere and season in the history of AMC+ at the time of their respective premieres. Look for him to lead more “Walking Dead” action this year, with the launch of the third spinoff series.

What emerging industry trend are you most excited by? I’m always enthusiastic about the manners in which emerging technologies will enhance the viewer experience, drive satisfaction and engagement, and inspire the next generation of storytellers.

Do you personally still have a traditional cable video package? Absolutely.

TV series everyone should binge: “Interview with the Vampire.” It’s inspired, beautifully crafted and wonderfully acted. Rolin Jones is a singular talent.

Book, movie or TV series that greatly influenced my leadership style: “The Ride of a Lifetime” by Bob Iger. A must-read for anyone seeking to lead, in any business. His IQ and EQ are off the charts.

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