Craig Sloan

Years in Cable: 22

Education: University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!)

Just as good athletes play to their strengths, Sherman and Sloan succeed by utilizing the power and totality of all of the RSNs (82 teams from MLB, the NBA and the NHL) when approaching national advertisers. As a result, the two and their staff have hit record revenues during the last year. Sherman advocates inclusion as evidenced by the fact that women now comprise 40% of staff positions compared to the mere 2% from when he started.

The biggest innovation in media/broadband over the last year? The race to own the entry path to consumer viewing when turning on the TV/device (the Smart TV, the connected device, or the MVPD)

Favorite restaurant: Marc Forgione in Tribeca (my happy place)

Best advice your mom or dad ever gave you? My Dad, who pointed out when I was coming out of college that I should get into sales. “Everyone is selling—may as well get paid for it.”

Worst advice your mom or dad ever gave you? Getting into sales—rules my life.

An area where media/broadband could use improvement? Ahhh yeah—universal measurement and coding to allow for full attribution of impressions delivered by media owners (regardless of how or where content is consumed). Going to be hard without it as we move into this new world.

Your social media platform of choice? Twitter for breaking news

Bitcoin – pro or con? Depends on the hour/day.

Favorite shortform content? My home team highlights distributed on local news sites by STN and sold by HTS (shameless plug).

What would be the name of the reality show based on your company? Work hard, play harder

What product or service could you not live without? GameChanger app to keep track of my kids’ games when not present

What’s the first thing you read in the morning? WSJ, religiously

What does the future look like for skinny bundles and flexible packaging? So bright I need to wear shades— it just makes too much sense for a certain portion of the viewing population.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? Whatever superpower Michael Jordan has because he can’t be human (best of all-time regardless of sport).

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