Corning Optical Communications

Corning’s teams never stop innovating and the proof is in the pudding. The past year saw the introduction of higher-density, smaller-diameter and faster-access RocketRibbon cables—allowing for a denser network to be deployed quickly and accurately. Corning’s Product Line Management, Technology, Market Development and Engineering teams collaborated on a number of projects and platforms, including extensions to the Evolv solution, which helps operators push their networks to go faster, simpler and anywhere.

Honored For:

  • The Faxies 2022
    • Tech Team of the Year
  • The Faxies 2021
    • Corning’s Fiber-to-the-People Campaign and Community Broadband University (Corning Optical Communications)
      Community Relations
    • At-Home With Corning and Community Broadband University Video Projects (Corning Optical Communications)
      Use of Video / Moving Image
    • Evolv™ Hardened Connectivity Solution (Corning Optical Communications)
      New Product or Launch
  • CFX Tech Awards 2019
    • Clear Track Hallway Fiber Pathway (Corning Optical Communications)
      New Product Award