Christopher Ruddy

Just over a year ago, many were questioning whether Newsmax could re-up its distribution deals as it made the switch from a free network to one that charges affiliate fees. But Ruddy laid those questions to rest by starting out 2024 with renewals with license fees with all the major operators, including DISH, Verizon, DirecTV, Comcast and Charter. 2023 also saw the launch of the Newsmax+ subscription service, which since it debuted Nov. 1 has gained 180,000 subscribers. Newsmax has scored some high-profile interviews, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s first with a U.S. news program since the Israel-Hamas war began.

Do you personally still have a traditional cable video package? Yes, I have three of them.

What celebrity would you hire for your company? Roseanne Barr. People appreciate her honesty.

Book, movie or TV series that greatly influenced my leadership style: “High Noon”

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