Charlie Collier

Years In Cable: 22

Education: BA, Bucknell; MBA, Columbia

One Word that Best Describes Me: Present

Under Collier’s leadership, AMC during 2015 had one of the most successful years of any network in the history of cable television. The net- work said goodbye to “Mad Men“ with its final seven episodes and moved quickly away from nostalgia by achieving the top three premieres in cable history in a single year with “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Better Call Saul,” and “Into the Badlands.” Collier is also working his magic at SundanceTV, which he added to his profile last April.

My first job: Picking golf balls out of the water for a nickel a ball.

If the election was a reality TV series, it would be called: “America: Naked and Afraid”

What was the last costume that you wore and why? I dressed up as Ted Sarandos at the FX holiday party. It killed.

I watch the majority of programming on this device: iPad in transit

Favorite podcast: Hardcore History

The technology that will most benefit cable over the next year is: Great original content

My Starbucks order: “If Ahab has his way, neither thee nor me, nor any member of this ship’s company will ever see home again.”

Honored For: