Bruce McClelland

Years in Industry: 19

Education: Electrical Engineer

Motto I Live By: Enjoy what you do every day—or find something new to do!

My prediction for direct-to-consumer video is… It continues to grow, along with new ways of aggregating content and sources to simplify consumer access to compelling and meaningful entertainment.

What do you think will be the biggest game changer to come from 10G? The incredible flexibility of the hybrid fiber coax network is once again validated through its ability to further extend capacity and speeds to the next level. This platform will continue to permeate our lives and be as critical as power and water. The final connection to the consumer device is now almost always wireless, and 10G will usher in a new generation of ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

Last linear content you watched live: NASCAR—go Daniel Suarez!

How do you stay motivated in your job? The rapid change in technology is an incredible motivator. While stimulating to the innovative side of the brain, it also creates a huge sense of urgency to adapt or perish!

What quality do you look for when promoting someone? Perhaps one of the most overlooked qualities in a leader is the confidence to not only take risks but to also take personal accountability for taking those risks and delivering results. This is a very difficult quality to identify or test for but can make the difference between a successful leader who plows new trails and one who stays on roads previously paved by others.

Honored For: