Bold Live The Bold and the Beautiful

Viewers can count on their favorite soap for a fix of scandal and intrigue, but for most, the drama ends when they turn off the TV. However, fans of CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful” know they can simply pick up their phones on Fridays and talk live to Steffy Forrester or another cast member from the 35-year-old series. Using an experimental app called Rodeo, viewers can call in to weekly live YouTube talk show “Bold Live” and spill the tea with their favorite stars and supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk. Having Kasprzyk serve as host gives Bold Live that insider edge. He talks shop, dissects storylines and spills behind-the-scenes dirt with B&B cast members, even peeling back the curtain a bit on what the soap stars are like in real life. With the number of U.S. daytime soap operas having dwindled to just four today, finding ways to keep that loyal fanbase hooked is critical. Thanks to Bold Live, fans aren’t just passively watching the story. They’re calling in to offer up their own plot twists and commentary. Plus, it illustrates that daytime soap fans are a social media and digital savvy lot. The appeal of a good soap opera is that there are enough surprises to never get bored. Letting fans be a part of the action only adds to the addictiveness.

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