Davis is the one-woman phenom behind the media launch of Philo’s new OTT product. Coverage for the vMVPD’s first year has resulted in more than 400 stories and 1.4 billion-plus impressions. With a lean startup team, Davis, a former Comcaster, has also played key roles in business development and the go-to-market strategy. If there was a Philo-based reality TV show, she says it would be called “Culture Club.” “There is a deep appreciation for creating a culture that empowers individuals to thrive both professionally and personally, and to celebrate diversity in both career skills and team building,” she says, explaining that Philo offers a stipend for vacation expenses and personal development.

What are your thoughts on the industry’s current response to the Me Too movement, and its treatment of men who have been accused of sexual harassing and/or assaulting women and men? Are there other steps you feel should be taken?
I’m proud of the industry’s immediate and quick response to the #MeToo movement with crystal clear intolerance. As I watch my daughter and her friends grow into young women with strength and confidence, I hope this movement will continue to evolve and more women have the courage, confidence and truth to speak up and with an infrastructure in place to support them.

Do you see any potential backlash to the Me Too/Time’s Up movements?
One can only hope that there is little-to-no backlash to such a profound movement. Let’s also hope the awareness these vocal, high-profile women have generated, likely at great personal sacrifice, trickles into every company conversation. Making these “movements” the norm and creating a culture of fairness and equality not only will impact women’s rights, but really human rights.

What’s a recent example of a step forward for women in the media industry?
Celebrating talented, smart and driven women like we are doing here is definitely a step forward, but I think it’s fair to say we all hope it’s not just a trend. It feels that there is true commitment to change in the air, so it’s time to embrace it and move forward together.

Who is an inspirational woman you admire, and why?
I’m sure “my mother” will be a popular response, but I would need a book to describe that inspiration. And, of course, we have Michelle Obama, RBG, Barbara Bush, and so many more. But, if I were to pull inspiration from today’s entertainment landscape, I’d have to say Ellen DeGeneres. She’s just the whole package: compassion, strength, acceptance, amazing wit, generosity, an empathetic advocate for those facing adversary, but most of all, kindness – her daily mantra, which is mirrored in my home. And boy, can she throw a party!!

What’s been the most dramatic change in your sector of the business today vs. three years ago?
While we continue to see that content is king, we’ve also seen a tremendous paradigm shift to the consumer is king. We, as consumers, are driving and demanding the need for choice in our entertainment options. We have so many options today when it comes to how to watch, when to watch and what to watch. It’s no longer one-size-fits-all with a hefty price tag. The traditional cable “bundle” is being challenged by new entrants like Philo and others, but I think these traditional companies are migrating towards adoption of new entrants, again realizing that giving the consumer what they want is going to be a win/win for all.

If there were a reality show based on your office, what would it be called?
“Culture Club” At Philo, there is a deep appreciation for creating a culture that empowers individuals to thrive both professionally and personally, and to celebrate diversity in both career skills and team building. Fox example, our engineering team takes a week between “sprints” for a hack week to work on whatever they want to; our benefits include a stipend for vacation expenses and personal development; and our leadership team drives every decision by what is best for the team and our audience. Our CEO Andrew says it best: if we want people to think we are good, we have to treat our people good. Of course, we all need to respect the bottom line, but I have not witnessed a culture in my career that is so driven to do this, and so transparent in doing so.

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