Adam Stotsky

Years in Cable: 20

Education: BA, Communications, West Virginia University

Howe was just getting started last year when he acquired digital investments Craftsy and PRIV. His next step is to lead the former’s evolution beyond the crafting community into businesses including performance arts, beauty and wellness. He plans to transform the latter into a direct-to-consumer retail business selling products and goods to consumers. Stotsky makes E! the destination for entertainment news with its in-depth red carpet coverage, all things Kardashian and a growing cache of scripted success, most notably “The Royals.” Under his leadership, the network can’t be denied tackling tougher issues either. E! in January debuted the highly anticipated documentary series “Citizen Rose,” which chronicles the social change actress/activist Rose McGowan. A competitive swimmer since the age of 5, Stotsky navigates the aggressive waters of cable by continuing to provide the latest in apps and a strong social media presence. Examples include Webby-nominated Snapchat series “Face Forward.”

Best advice your mom or dad ever gave you? “Would-haves, could-haves, and should-haves don’t mean anything.” – Mom

Worst advice your mom or dad ever gave you? “…go with the ruffled tuxedo shirt.” – Dad

Favorite shortform content? E! News’ “The Rundown” on Snapchat

What’s the first thing you read in the morning? The directions on my coffee maker.

Last show I binged not on my network(s): “The Crown”

Favorite podcast: “Pod Save America”

Honored For: