90 Day Fiancé and Beyond - TLC

How do you generate billions of views across social media? TLC gave a master class with its promotion of “90 Day Fiance and Beyond.” It started by creating separate handles on Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter, giving the brand a chance to be a bit more experimental in each space. One of the results was short-form series “Spice It Up with David and Annie,” which windowed across Facebook, TLC.com and YouTube. TikTok was a new sandbox for the crew, and they quickly built a following. The 90 Day TikTok handle’s “I Like the View” video has more than 80 million views. Both the handle and this video landed on TikTok’s “2020 Year In The Review: Brands That Inspired Us.” The hashtag #90DayFiance currently has over 1.2 billion video views on the platform.

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