Donna Speciale -- Photo: Jeremy Freeman 2/3/15 New York Time Warner

Speciale’s recent priorities have been to re-imagine advertising while also driving better business results for partners through powerful ROI-fueled ad capabilities. During the last year, truTV and TNT both committed to greatly reducing ad clutter on the networks by 50 percent. She’s also implemented a new team, Turner Ignite, that brings together the power of data and content. This group met for the first time with clients at CES and members have since been sharing real results around audience targeting and social optimization. In addition, Speciale recently launched Facetime Fridays within the ad sales team, a program that encourages younger team members to engage with more senior leaders. Strides have been made when it comes to gen- der equality in cable, Speciale says, but adds, “It’s really about the company you work for and its position on inclusion, and less about sectors of our industry.”

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