Isaac Lee

In a move that strategically unites the content creation divisions of two Hispanic TV giants, Lee was named chief content officer of both Univision and Televisa earlier this year. The result is an integrated, singular focus serving the combined 175 million viewers in Mexico and the US. And they’re in good hands. Lee has expanded Univision’s diverse and bilingual digital offerings with the Fusion Media Group, a multiplatform home that includes Fusion, The Root, The Onion, Gizmodo Media Group and others. Lee led Univision’s digital expansion and the acquisition of Gizmodo, while also strengthening the position of Univision News. He defines diversity in cable today as “superficial.” “To the extent that cable has tried to diversify, it’s been to check the necessary boxes while remaining unchanged. There is no real diversity of viewpoints or opinions on cable today; that is why we created Fusion, trying to bring new voices to the forefront.”

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