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June 24, 2015
What You Need To Know Now
  • Channel Master's Master Plan
    Having recently debuted Channel Master TV, a software upgrade that integrates an OTT streaming offering with the platform’s program guide, the longtime antenna maker is onto something bigger…
  • Cable Raises Red Flags on Unlicensed LTE
    Plans by a few wireless carriers to develop commercial wireless services using LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) and Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) technology could potentially harm existing WiFi networks, some industry players say…
  • Comcast’s thePlatform Tackles Video Sourcing
    Partly due to the siloed nature of legacy ingest systems, existing options to collect all of the source videos and files to support pay-TV’s channel packages, VOD and other video offerings are complex and inefficient. Comcast’s white-label video publishing unit thePlatform seeks to solve this challenge…
  • Webpass: New Competitor?
    With mobile traffic and the need for customized wireless solutions on the rise, a new wireless business model has emerged. Enter Webpass…
  • Smart Home Slowdown Predicted
    Despite the expansion of smart home services, consumer demand for connected home devices has slowed dramatically in the 1st half and continues rapid drop off, according to research firm Argus Insights ’ latest report…
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