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YouTube Puts TV Ad Dollars in Crosshairs at Brandcast

YouTube's message for the roughly 2800 in attendance at its Brandcast Thursday: TV is the past, YouTube is the future, and ad spending should reflect that

Does Twitter's Video Push Have Enough Oomph?

With advertisers investing larger portions of their budgets in digital video, Twitter is dead set on grabbing a piece of the pie

Effros: Unbundling Bad For Diversity

The traditional cable “bundle” not only promoted, but created diversity. That’s hard to dispute

Digital Video Stealing Ad Dollars From Linear TV

Advertisers are prioritizing digital video this year, according to new data from AOL, which shows that 83% of advertisers plan to increase spending

Near Future

The Internet & TV Association and CableLabs promised their Near Future event would not be a typical cable conference, and they delivered

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