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Assessing the NFL's Amazon Experiment

Amazon is fighting its battle for world domination on a number of fronts and, with the possible exception of drone delivery, its NFL streaming initiative has drawn the most attention

Watching Over Esports as New Leagues Form

A future in which the biggest esports matches air on TV may not be far off, with the upcoming “Overwatch League” potentially leading the way

How to Crowdfund a TV Series

With craft shows becoming a rare breed, longtime TV host Vickie Howell turned to crowdfunding to raise $83,000 for a YouTube series called "The Knit Show."

CFX Video: Talking Mobile with comScore's Gian Fulgoni

Gian Fulgoni, comScore CEO/co-founder, knows all about adapting to new consumer behavior, but even he has been surprised by mobile’s advertising success

Netflix Price Hike

Netflix is raising the prices for two of its three tiers of service in the US. It marks the first major change in pricing for the SVOD service since 2014

Friday Night Lights: Rethinking the Local Sports Approach

Charter has been gradually shuttering many of its local sports networks across the country over this past year, most of which came with the acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House

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