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Ransomware continues to be a huge threat for media companies, and Sinclair is the latest to fall victim to a cyberattack of that type. The broadcaster is still investigating what data was breached and evaluating how it will move forward. Cybersecurity was a huge topic at last week's SCTE Cable-Tec Expo as was the cable industry's journey to 10G. Adding capacity and embracing automation are two huge priorities for operators hoping to offer multi-gig speeds to all customers in the near future.

Sinclair Hit by Ransomware Attack
Sinclair is the latest broadcaster to fall victim to a ransomware attack. Work is still being done to determine what information was stolen. Read More »
Observers Keep Close Tabs on FCC’s 3.45GHz Auction
Things were looking a bit better Friday for the FCC's 3.45GHz auction. Round 28 closed with gross proceeds of more than $6.5 billion. Read More »
Operators Make Moves Toward 10G Realization
After more than 19 months of efforts to maintain network performance, operators are turning their eyes to the future, including 10G. Read More »
Unfinished Business
Guest columnist and Fuse Media executive Judi Lopez writes about the evolving term "diversity" and how companies must step up. Read More »
Looking Back on the SCTE/CableLabs Combination
SCTE President/CEO Mark Dzuban had been discussing some sort of combination with CableLabs for the past decade, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that really emphasized the need for a stronger bond between the two organizations. Read More »
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