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Streaming latency has been at the heart of many consumer complaints around live events, and the issue has only grown more complicated with the rise in popularity of sports betting. Closing the latency gap will take innovation. Luckily, that's something this industry has plenty of. ClixTV Co-Founder/CMO Stacy Jolna sees it happening every day, particularly with the ever-growing convergence of media and technology.

Combatting Streaming Latency Gaps
Viewers of a live event want to feel as close to the action as possible, as if they’re actually sitting in the stands. Streaming latency makes that harder. Read More »
Converging in Fast-Forward
As always, the industry is reinventing itself with creative new business mergers and models, higher quality content and leap-frogging technologies. Read More »
Executive Round Up: What's Next on the Agenda for BEAD?
We asked executives across the industry what is your organization doing now that NTIA has released the Notice of Funding Opportunity for the BEAD program. Here's what they had to say.  Read More »
Effros: The Cable Guy
“Cable” subscriptions are declining but the systems are even more successful today because the television “cable” program packages are now “streaming” and being sold directly to customers, provided by the same video creators. Read More »
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