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The drama surrounding DirecTV and Newsmax stretches beyond just the two companies. The decisions that DirecTV will make in regard to the Conservative-leaning network could set the precedent for when it’s time for other distributors—such as Charter or Comcast—to renew their deals with Newsmax. While Newsmax’s short-term future is still being sorted, Paramount laid out its long-term plans to help the company obtain positive free cash flow in 2024. A big step in that process will be the upcoming merger of Paramount+ and Showtime, which is slated for early 3Q23.

DirecTV, Newsmax Could be Industry Bellwether
While the DirecTV-Newsmax saga has an obvious impact on the two companies, there are plenty of others with a vested interest in how this plays out. Several other MVPDs have deals to renew with Newsmax and DirecTV may set the precedent. Read More »
Paramount Maps Out Long-Term Game Plan
Pricing changes are on the horizon for Paramount+ as Paramount prepares to put the streamer and Showtime under one roof. Read More »
AMC Networks Homecoming for New CEO Kristin Dolan
Jim Dolan is passing the AMC Networks CEO torch to his wife Kristin Dolan effective Feb. 27. She’s led data analytics and measurement firm 605 since founding it in 2016 and served as COO of Cablevision before it was bought by Altice USA. Read More »
Guest Column: The Death of the Cable TV Customer as We Know It
Today’s cable TV provider isn’t providing cable TV like it used to—and their business is changing faster than you can buckle a seatbelt, writes guest columnists Iris Harel of Amdocs. Read More »
Executive Round Up: What Are the Key Factors in a Successful Dating Show?
We asked executives in the industry what the key factors in a successful reality dating show are. Here's what they had to say. Read More »
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