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With the inauguration just over a week away, many are still prognosticating on what a Joe Biden presidency will mean for the media industry. But this time of change may prove a perfect opportunity for the business to make its voice heard. Speaking of change, the FCC is preparing to say goodbye to chairman Ajit Pai, and CSG CEO Brian Shepherd is settling into his new role.

FCC's Pai Reflects on Tenure, Trump, Transparency
Outgoing FCC chairman Ajit Pai has been giving plenty of exit interviews is his final days at the agency. He wants part of his legacy to be FCC reform. Read More »
5Qs: A Conversation with CSG’s New CEO Brian Shepherd
We chatted with CSG CEO Brian Shepherd about where the billing and revenue management firm is headed in this edited interview. Read More »
The Industry Has an Opportunity to Fix Perceived Problems Before the Government Tries
From the moment it became apparent that 2021 would see the swearing in of a Democratic U.S. President, pundits began prognosticating about pending regulation changes that would affect media businesses. Read More »
OTT, vMVPDs and Traditional Cable in 2021
As we enter 2021, how will MSOs shift their traditional businesses amidst all the new streaming and vMVPD competition? Read More »
Powell Describes Capitol Chaos as Unimaginable
The world watched via television networks and broadband connections as the US Capitol was breached by president Trump supporters Wednesday as the House and Senate debated a move by some Republicans to overturn election results. Read More »
CableLabs Unveils Wireless Traffic Steering Tech
CES is kicking off next week, but CableLabs started the party early by introducing a technology that enables adaptive traffic steering and seamless transitions between different types of wireless networks. Read More »
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