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We're approaching the second anniversary of the lockdowns triggered by the COVID pandemic and companies are still navigating the delicate dance between whether or not to require vaccination of their employees. We surveyed members of the Cablefax community on how they're approaching the issue, and the results varied widely. You'll know one of the survey participants from its many brands, including MTV and Nickelodeon, but it is going by a new moniker these days. Wish ViacomCBS a fond farewell and give a grand welcome to Paramount.

Vaccine Status: How Companies are Handling the Return to Offices
As omicron cases begin to subside, many are thinking once again about returning to the workplace. Companies are each evaluating what, if any, vaccine policy to have in place for employees. Read More »

Do NFTs Have a Future in the Media Landscape?
We asked executives across the industry if they see a future for NFTs in the media space. Here's what they had to say.  Read More »

Goodbye ViacomCBS, Hello Paramount
ViacomCBS Chairman Shari Redstone opened the company’s investor day Tuesday by introducing the new moniker: Paramount Global, or Paramount for short. Read More »

EPIX’s Chilling Monsters ‘From’ Within
As the opening scenes unfold of the first episode of EPIX ’s “From,” The Animals ’ hit “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” plays in the background. We soon understand why. As the sun sets, the trapped Read More »

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