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The retransmission whirlwind is heating up as 2022 comes to an end. Comcast struck a deal with Nexstar to keep its 90 stations in the operator’s lineup, but issues still loom between the two. Comcast has two pending FCC complaints that allege Nexstar failed to negotiate retrans consent in good faith and that it’s violating the 39% national broadcast ownership cap with NYC’s WPIX. Speaking of complaints, FuboTV customers were left frustrated after a cyberattack prevented many from getting into their accounts. The vMVPD is still determining if any subscriber’s information was compromised, but did confirm no credit card details were exposed.

Comcast, Nexstar Do Deal, FCC Complaints Still Pending
Nexstar and Comcast have kissed and made up, with WPIX returning to Comcast’s NYC DMA systems over the weekend. Read More »
FuboTV Hit by Cyberattack During World Cup Match
FuboTV confirmed Thursday that a criminal cyber attack prevented many customers from accessing their accounts for a period of time that included the FIFA World Cup Semifinals. Read More »
Outlook: 2023 Looks Good for Cable
Cable will continue to be a good business in 2023, according to MoffettNathanson. In a forward-looking outlook to clients, the firm said that while there are ongoing challenges that cable will face, there’s no threat large enough that it should have investors running to the hills. Read More »
Effros: Convergence
In the cable/television/broadband/computer business we have long talked about “convergence” in terms of the various pieces of equipment or the programs or “apps” that we use. But there’s a much broader context that needs to be looked at as well. Read More »
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