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NTIA will have a lot to offer in 2023 on top of the $42 billion BEAD program. The association’s head Alan Davidson was on a panel at CES this weekend where he discussed various topics such as the need for a federal privacy law and a $1.5 billion grant program that’ll supplement wireless innovation and enhance supply chain resilience. Another group that saw its future path laid out at CES is Cox Communications. The company’s mobile service Cox Mobile is now live across the U.S. after striking an MNO agreement with Verizon.

CES 2023: Davidson Charts Other Paths Ahead for NTIA
NTIA Head Alan Davidson was on the floor of CES this weekend for the first time since ascending to his current role, and he had a lot to talk about besides the highly-anticipated $42 billion BEAD program. Read More »
Cox Mobile Goes National, Others Plan Wireless Pushes
Cox Mobile is finally national. Cox Communication’s mobile arm is now offering service nationwide, the company announced at CES Thursday, thanks to an MNO deal with Verizon. Read More »
Effros: Convergence II
There’s another part of the “convergence” equation. That’s the merging of business plans, and businesses in the telecommunications sector. Read More »
Executive Round Up: What's to Come in 2023?
While there will be twists and turns throughout the year and nobody can predict the future, executives are the ones closest to the action. Here’s what some in the industry are predicting for 2023. Read More »
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