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Facebook-Cambridge Analytica: Why Cable Says it Won't Happen Here

As many in cable gathered around the TV and internet Tuesday to watch Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg face questions from the Hill, there is a sense that the industry is safe from a similar scandal

Getting Stringy With It

Newly acquired Comcast property Stringify has updated its app to integrate functionality from Xfinity products

Does Broadcast Still Have a Chance in the Battle for Popular Scripted Series?

With the presence of such big brands and big budgets in the industry space, do traditional broadcasters still have a fighting chance of standing out?

Altice, NBC, Nielsen Introduce Advanced Advertising Tools

Altice USA launched advanced advertising and data business a4 Thursday, which promises to deliver audience-based multiscreen advertising solutions to advertisers and MVPD partners

Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence Marches Forward

Elon Musk warned of its unchecked dangers at SXSW. Fox is piloting AI-focused game show “Man Vs. Robot.” But whether on the backend or consumer-facing front, artificial intelligence is making its way to prime time

Advertising Target: Cable Takes Aim at Digital's Perceived Advantages

Big MSOs Charter, Comcast and Cox made news Wednesday with the announcement of a new division within NCC Media for unified ad solutions across NCC participants’ national footprint

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