David Bittler, Nickelodeon

Bittler’s priority every day is to do one thing to make kids feel seen through the stories and characters created at Nickelodeon. Beyond championing LGBTQ+ storylines and representation across Nickelodeon hits like “iCarly” and “The Loud House,” Bittler has pushed to build relationships with organizations like GLSEN that have informed Nickelodeon’s inclusivity through training and support for staff. That also led to the creation of LGBTQ+ toolkits for parents and teachers. A particular career highlight came when he managed the communications campaign for the launch of Logo TV, the linear channel designed with the LGBTQ+ community in mind. To Bittler, Nickelodeon has become more than just a workplace—it’s a second home. “I work for a company that broke new ground for representation, took tons of heat for it and kept right on doing it,” he says. “These are my people.”

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