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April 19, 2014

Call Center Manager/Director- Confidential - GA

Network Engineer
- Adams Cable Service - PA

Division Engineering Director – Cable ONE – AZ

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May 21: Cablefax's Digital & Tech Summit

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May 21, 2012

CableFAX Best of the Web 2012
Best Overall Website—Cable Operator

Comcast Cable - Comcast.com
It may not surprise you that cable’s biggest kahuna Comcast also runs—in our humble opinion—the best Website. But here’s the truth. Comcast isn’t winning for snazziness. Nor for elevating Web design to new heights. But Comcast knocks it out of the park on a few key metrics that make a big difference for its business. By concentrating on solving customer problems (rather than dazzling them with graphics), Comcast has considerably lowered its call center volume—all while using the site to constantly tweak how it communicates in a meticulous, almost scientific and decidedly Comcastic way. For one thing, Comcast uses Adobe Test and Target like no other, constantly floating upsell techniques, SEO dynamics and other factors, tweaking as necessary. In addition, the online sales team has created more than 50 local versions of Comcast.com, all set up to geo-target specific subs in various Comcast markets. That’s the kind of local feel that can make a huge difference in acquisition and retention. As a result of Comcast’s steady and meticulous march, the sales conversion rate leaped 78% between 2010 and 201l. This site may be no frills, but Comcast knows what it’s doing.
Honorable Mentions
Cox Communications Inc - Customer Centered Online Experiences
Time Warner Cable - TimeWarnerCable.com

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